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Reason why our probiotic products have lifespan over 2 years

Our products are self-preserving, meaning they have the ability to resist harmful bacteria without the use of industrial preservatives.

You may find this concept to be very new, but in fact, humans have been using self-preserved products for a long time. Products such as raw honey, wine, vinegar, sugar, salt, fish sauce, miso, and tamari are all examples of self-preserved products that can still be used even after a thousand years.

Why can Self-Preserved Food Work?

Self-preserved food can work for two main reasons.
Firstly, the storage environment for these products is not suitable for the growth of harmful bacteria. For instance, high concentrations of salt can kill most organisms, including humans. If you were to soak in a container filled with 20% saltwater, you would also experience dehydration due to the principle of osmosis. Similarly, environments with high or low pH levels are also unfavorable for the growth of harmful bacteria.
Secondly, the environment contains beneficial symbiotic bacteria that can suppress the growth of other beneficial bacteria. When this community of bacteria is healthy and dominant, it can help to preserve the food. This is observed in products such as live vinegar and kombucha.

At Tea House Hanoi, we have been committed to avoiding the use of industrial preservatives. Instead, we harness the power of beneficial bacteria, yeast, and mold to create self-preserved products that remain alive and preserving their vitamins, enzymes, and minerals. Using traditional preservation methods, we can extend the lifespan of our products to at least 2-3 years, and even longer similar to aged wine or cheese.

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